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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Do you buy a prefab house or build one with the specifications you want


Do you buy a prefab house or build one with the specifications you want real estate - sale home
Build building

When one thinks about building a house, that is a lot of difficulty and fatigue a lot and on top of that, the costs are higher than the persons ambition, because when building, he thinks with many details that increase the burdens and unexpected expenses.
Added to this is the time factor. Building a house that takes a long time may be much more than expected, while buying a house will be within minutes or hours. Also, the construction process may be disrupted in some of its stages due to a lack of funding, and this may happen several times, so we will talk in detail in the following what can be thought before heading to the idea of ​​construction.

Reasons for the high cost of construction over the purchase

Building costs always rise as a result of the presence of a lot of delicate matters that someone who is thinking about building desires, and those things require money and time to complete them, and completion is not enough here because the issue needs mastery, for example: What is the benefit of an equipped kitchen as we want if the drawers and doors will start disintegrates after a simple stage of use.
This means that the cost will rise against the requirement of quality, and here comes another problem. If someone who builds the house thinks of selling it later, he will certainly not accept the loss, and therefore he is forced to wait for a time until he finds someone to buy from him.

Problems and faults in the construction process

In the foreground, we find that the time that is wasted is significant in thinking about building and choosing the appropriate design, then the contractor who is able to accomplish at the best prices and specifications, and allocate the amount or collect the money that can be made in order to secure a good start that has no chances of faltering and certainly that will not happen between day and night It takes very little time to get on the right track.
Also, following up on work personally is important, as some contractors aren't very trusted, and self-reliance may be an inevitable option in some cases and if the person does not devote himself completely to the construction process, he must devote most of his time to it, which means disturbing his lifestyle Daily, and also the process if he was an employee.
In most cases, we find that a person loses his time between one and two years until he is able to complete his housing project, the issue requires finding an appropriate plot of land and building permit and then going to a design engineering office and then agreeing with a good construction contractor, then following up and supervising the work, then accreditation the contractor is often not a good idea, as the person may lose many of the specifications that he wants, and in some cases he may be forced to return installations and constructions not equipped as he wants.

Lots of money wasted

During the construction process, a person must have a place to live in, and this place is often a rental home, which means that the expenses and burdens increased perhaps he could pay the sums for rent in the form of installments to buy a ready house where he lives directly, or use those amounts to make adjustments he sees He needs it in the new home. In addition to the possibilities of an unexpected rise in prices and other conditions that may be a catalyst in increasing the cost of construction. In addition to the foregoing the prosecution of the official in order to finish the construction within the agreed upon stages, stage by stage, and the required expenses in the movement transport, and fatigue as well. Many details that are fully understood by those who suffered in building a house and wished that he had not been involved in this of course with exceptions, if the material abundance is present and if the housing is guaranteed until the end with the presence of a reliable contractor who depends on him .

Small but important details

It is also possible that we will discover other details that are not present before us but appear at the time, such as changing the laws and regulations previously put in place where we went to build, and we need new papers and additions to the statements that we had extracted, or we may be exposed during the construction process to a careful follow-up do not rest by the concerned authorities in the city, and you may find that the neighbors in the place may be bothered by the sounds of roads or sprinkled dust. It is possible that the accumulation of some materials leads to a partial or total closure of a street, and the matter may develop into altercations with some of the neighborhood you are in Go for it, or find yourself facing a scandal report of one of the residents.

Trend gains to buy a prefab home

One of the most important things that you gain when you buy a prefabricated house is the abundance of sites where there are residential buildings or villas prepared for sale within the projects of large real estate companies thus determining the site that meets your requirements, such as being close to your children's school and work and close to the places of shopping and services. Or maybe you choose to stay away from the companions, so you choose a location where there is calm etc... This matter remains easier than finding land in a location based on your mood and needs except for the issue of the difference in prices for lands between one location and another.
When buying, you negotiate with the seller on one point, which is the price, and you often earn because this seller did not offer the property for sale except because he wants material liquidity, while upon construction it remains negotiated and then negotiates until you are tired, the negotiation processes start from your first meeting with the official in the engineering office and you end up installing the last touch before you live in the house and in the purchase you have a great possibility to go to the system of installments, which relieves you of the burden of large payments that you may not be ready for. You can also facilitate yourself more through a financing loan from a bank, provided that the method of paying in installments is not physically stressful for you. You live immediately and do not have to watch, as in the case of construction, to a date that may be long.

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