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Monday, March 20, 2023

What to stay away from when buying your first home


What to stay away from when buying your first home
What to stay away from when buying your first home

The decision to buy a person’s first home remains a difficult decision, which requires a lot of thinking. The house that is ready for housing may be an apartment in a building, an independent villa, or within a residential community whatever the model is, it must have comfortable specifications for those who intend to settle in it. What are the things that you are supposed to think about before proceeding to the purchase step in order not to find yourself in a dilemma that you cannot undo, and if you retreat, then you will incur a loss that you are indispensable if you made the right decision in accordance with your financial ability and the specifications you need to ensure living comfortable and in order not to face errors or pitfalls when buying the house, the "Real Estate" website offers you a number of tips that you can see, and through it you can avoid many obstacles that may bother you later, and accordingly it is possible to reach a suitable choice for your needs and capabilities as well.

Calculating costs and potentials

Before we make the decision to buy a house, we have to make an inventory of the level of our monthly spending how much does it cost us food, for example, and how much we pay from various installments or bills for water, electricity, internet, mobile and regular how much do we pay every year for children's schools, car maintenance, and annual renewal and other thing, be careful do not enter the agar of the house into the account. All of the above we collect the monthly from it and then multiply it by the number 12, which is the number of months of the year, and we add it to the annual spending and then divide the total by 12, so that we get the result of the estimated amount of our monthly disbursement that result we subtract from our monthly income, which is often our salary that we receive from the employer, or the profits that we earn from private work and ultimately we get the monthly savings that we can save.
Then we ask ourselves: Does this saving cover the installments of the house we intend to buy? If the answer is (yes), then we will have surpassed the biggest obstacle to buying. And if the answer is (No), then we must pressure the expenses in any available way ... or seek to increase our monthly income, so that we can provide the amount of the premium calculated based on the price of the house to be purchased.

Take into account the overhead

Buying a home does not mean that we got rid of paying the rent every month if we are tenants, so owning the property entails expenses that we have to calculate, and that is what is taken from services fees or real estate taxes, or maintenance and repairs costs that are necessary, in addition to what we want to add to the house such as improving Putting the kitchen, increasing the number of air conditioners, or subscribing to TV broadcasting channels. Consequently, we are supposed to add those costs to what we previously estimated of monthly spending.

Acceptance of the asset instead of exhausting ourselves

When buying a house and moving to it, we may not be comfortable with some of the things in it, but if we count the expenses that we will incur in making the adjustments and we are forced with it to overburden our material matters in a timely manner then it is better then to accept, for example, the status of the paint and its colors as it is temporary We adjust to it, and we accept the state of the kitchen as it is, instead of going to the process of redesigning it ... and other things all of this leads us to pressure expenses in the first stage. After we settle down and our financial conditions begin to settle, we can make the developments we want according to priority.

Find out what you need and focus on it

People often search at the time of purchase for a house that is cheap and not expensive, but over the years they discover the error of their accounts to start with them a new phase of repairs and renovations or they are forced to sell the house and move to another that meets their changed situation. So, if We made the decision to buy and went to it seriously, so it is better that our present and future requests are in front of us. Do we want a house on the floor of a building or is it independent and around it are neighboring residents? We must define our position or do we buy a house in one or two rooms only because it is cheaper and there are more children on the way? Here we must think more consciously and this does not mean, of course, that we exhaust ourselves with what we have no energy in, but it is better to go to a middle option that offers us our current need and a part of the future.

Live preview to check

Do not listen to what the owner of the house says that you want to buy from a compliment in his home or the real estate office that the owner of the house has negotiated you may find many defects that were not mentioned to you in the conversation so you have to inspect the house yourself and test what is in it, such as ventilation and drainage of water And the completion of the electricity situation and if you do not have knowledge of some matters, seek the help of those you know from friends who have knowledge in some areas or an expert in real estate matters to provide you with the necessary advice. If you do not know him, pay him what satisfies him so that he is honest in your advice, brokers Real estate does not serve for free, and they support their families from the income of their profession so give him what he deserves in order to give you what satisfies you and serves you truly.
And remember that the cheap price may hide a lot of errors behind it. It is better for you not to get involved in a cheap house that has many faults do not waste your money in repairs and maintenance that may last for many years, and go to the best option for you in a good house free of problems.

Other things we should not forget

There are things that add to the aforementioned that we must take into account, so the future thought regarding the place is important when buying the house, are there any development plans for the neighborhood in which we will live? Is there a plan to expand the street that the house overlooks? What are the services that will be added to the region from bridges, gardens, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc... If there are empty spaces, what projects will be built on them? Is it positive for the place or negative? And most importantly What kind of neighborhood residents? Are they mostly good, or are they annoying? Is the safety in the place Mahmoud, or is the region lacking safety factors? Is the value of real estate in the region on the rise or is it stable or low?
Through the foregoing and by knowing the details that we have provided, you can now make the right decision, to take the right step to buy at the right time and place.

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