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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Modern Art And Blue Present At The "Art4You Gallery" Exhibition At Picasso Gallery


Written by: Mazin Olaiwi

Modern art was featured in most of the paintings displayed at the fine arts exhibition organized by Art4You Gallery at the Picasso Art Gallery in the Al Quoz area in Dubai.

In addition, the color "blue" was prominently featured in most of the paintings in the exhibition, which opened on September 17 and concludes today.

Ten male and female artists based in UAE participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition's curator, Jesno Jackson of Art4You Gallery, made a great effort in organizing it in cooperation with the management of the Picasso Gallery to achieve a result that would satisfy the fine art audience.

Jesno Jakson & Rengi Cherian in the showroom

In a reading of the participating works, we find that the Jordanian artist Nisreen Esaifan used the mosaic method to present works close to realism, so the turtle appeared, and boats appeared in her works.
From the artworks of Nisreen Esifan

For his part, the Emirati artist Mesfer tried to enter into the realistic school from the window of nature, and made an effort to strive for general details without getting into the small details.
Painting by the artist Mesfer

In addition, the artworks of Jurgita Foster from Lithuania relied on various artistic compositions and materials on wooden material to present the sea environment, waves and beaches using a color-Pouring method.
Painting by Jurgita Foster

For her part, the artworks of Lebanese artist Zena Yachoui came with plant compositions and butterflies, trying to present aesthetic compositions that suit the tastes of those seeking visual calmness and inner peace. 
From Zena Yachoui’s artworks in the exhibition

As for the Syrian artist Dima Albitar, she also relied on plant formations and lines in her displayed artwork, while turning to the circular shape of the painting instead of the rectangle or square within the compositions through which she tried to create aesthetic harmony in her artistic compositions.
A circular painting by Dima Albitar

The artworks of the Russian Ekaterina Sholomova also carried the spirit of various synthetic materials. She used colors, beads, and small stones, seeking to present floral compositions with an aesthetic nature suitable for home decor.
Painting by Ekaterina Sholomova

Anila Krishna Kumar from India tried to approach the realistic school through simple works with colors and compositions.
From the artworks of Anila Krishna Kumar

Rafah Abdulrazzak from Syria presented her works within the framework of neo-realism, which is not based on the fine details in the artistic painting, but the viewer clearly touches the scene within the general composition.
A painting of Rafah Abdulrazzaq

As for Ukrainian Elena Butko, she went to the abstract school to present blue and its shades in shapes that appeal to a large segment of fine art connoisseurs.
Painting by Elena Butko

The artworks of Reginy Eulenstein from Australia did not stray far from neo-realism with quick color strokes, while relying on nature in creating the painting.
From paintings by Rigney Eulenstein

Other photos from the Exhibition

 Jesno Jakson

Russian Ekaterina Sholomova in the exhibition

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