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Friday, March 24, 2023

What invites you to invest in real estate .. advantages and profits


What invites you to invest in real estate
Invest in real estate

Real estate investment is attended by various types of investments in general, but it is not as simple as some think, so many believe that the matter has a lot of inactivity and lack of movement with an abundance of profit, the work in it does not exceed the issue of buying when prices are low or during construction and then selling when they rise or construction is finished.
The reality is different from that perception. Investing in real estate requires a lot of work and special accounts and requires intelligence and skills that develop day after day in the field .. When we can in the field of real estate investment, we have the ability to secure a good source of income that may be monthly and have been quarterly or annually, this includes lack of risk and maintaining profit opportunities as long as we continue to invest.
In the following, we will talk about the advantages that exist in real estate investment, which stand out clearly if we put in exchange for them other types of investment.

Rising real estate prices

It has been the norm in various countries that the value of real estate is going up and not falling, and the rate of increase varies from one country to another and with increasing population growth in all countries of the world, the need for housing, whether by ownership or rent, remains valid, and the demand remains on it with the difference in the situation between a place And another, there are countries in which the supply increases and the demand decreases, and there are countries where the supply decreases and the demand increases also, this is not a permanent situation but is subject to conditions and variables if we add to it the price difference between an area equipped with service areas and another that lacks it, we will find that the price there is different About him there.
All of these things must be taken into account if we want to invest in the property before taking on the experience.

The presence of payment facilities

In real estate investment, we can buy a house in installments, so there will be a down payment, then other payments that are agreed upon before the home is received, and other payments after receipt that may extend to two years or more, depending on the developer and according to the agreement.
In this case, the investor benefits a lot, because once he receives the house he can rent it and pay the installments of what the tenant pays, so he may have cost less than the price of the house until the time of his rental, and when the lease is not spent on it from his own money, but rather from the money paid from the tenant.
And if you have taken out a mortgage, the tenant payments are often sufficient to pay the installments of the bank that lent to you. In other words, the subject matter is profit if we adopt the system of installments more than the state of full payment without installments.

The idea of ​​mortgaging the property

The idea of ​​mortgaging the property as a good plan to take advantage of the value of the mortgage to buy another property, and possibly a third property thus, the investor here has expanded his property space, and has a diversity in the sources that generate income and those new properties through its income will be able to Paying the amount due on the mortgage, so we have actually benefited from the value of the property and did not lose of course, the matter here is related to timing, we must know when to mortgage and when to enter into a new real estate investment.

Real estate rental income

The presence of a property for housing or a property for commercial use within the person’s property enables him to secure a monthly sum that enters his balance monthly, and therefore he earns without an effort to make nothing but collect what is due on the specified date whether it is by direct arrest or by depositing in the bank account or through an office Follow-up Commissioner.
In other words, the issue in short is a successful investment that brings money and peace of mind.

Withdrawing loans for other projects

Whoever owns a property somewhere, he is able to apply to the banks to obtain a loan for his property, and he can invest that loan in developing his property or go to other real estate investments, and the existing property is a real guarantee with the banks to recover in case of default also, some banks It gives loans that exceed the market value of the property but in this case, caution must be exercised before going to borrow from the bank, because the accounts must be accurate, and the property that we have set eyes to be must be considered well-to-be profitable and no risk of losing it.

Non-stop permanence

Real estate investment offers the investor an advantage that is less available in others, as it brings income for life. if it does not stop providing money to its owner, and imagine that a person has four or five headquarters distributed in more than one place .. and each of them earns some money, so The sum at the end will guarantee him a dignified and luxurious life as well. Also, these properties are available for sale at any time, meaning that it is a backup emergency guarantee when needed.

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