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Monday, March 13, 2023

For landowners, How to create a project that will make the best profits

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Building during construction

People often search the search engines for how to take advantage of the land they own, sometimes the search is made for "land investment" or someone asks "I have land I want to invest" and other sentences that abound especially on Google.
And the majority of people think that their investment in the land comes in one form of buying and then watch the market and sell when the price becomes high, even if that is after years from the time of purchase.
It is worth noting that the regulations differ from one country to another in this type of investment, and it is necessary to see the state system in which we are going to invest.
And we present to you on the "Real Estate" site some available ideas that may offer you profits that are many times more than you can imagine in a good investment of lands. If any of you has a desire to know that, then he will find in the following a number of methods available for profit from lands of any kind .

The process of converting for profit

The realistic method is the conversion process. In order to clarify this conversion we will go into some details. The land throughout history constitutes a fixed asset that the investment transfer process can be applied to, and that transfer may be through an agricultural or residential project, and the project may be industrial or perhaps commercial. All of this falls within the transfer, which is supposed to be compatible with the nature of the land and its location, before the conversion is not profit potentials must be calculated based on market data in the field that we decided.

1- Building an apartment building and selling on the plan

The idea of ​​constructing an apartment building comes as a profitable idea, and whoever owns or buys the land inside the city or on its outskirts can start agreeing with an engineering office to design the building, then agree with a contracting company that specifies the stages of work from start to finish and the costs of each stage and determine the basis for his profits then the sale is announced on the scheme in comfortable installments, provided that the delivery to subscribers upon completion of construction is according to the time plan set by the contractor, and the payments are divided by the number of houses within each stage.
In this case, the investor does not have to pay large sums, and he wins an acceptable amount at the end of each stage, and the amount is large upon delivery.
The idea of ​​constructing a very tall building resembling a skyscraper is also present here, but this requires a large sum to start, unless there is an agreement with a company capable of participation and financing.

2- Searching for rare materials:

Some may be surprised by this idea, but it does exist, and a number of people have been able to benefit from the raw materials they discovered on their lands for profit. Land may one day be a source of earnings from where the owner does not expect.
Obviously it is not easy, but at the same time it is not difficult if the raw material is available, and the exploration tools are available. And if that happens, it is possible to agree with the relevant authorities for exploration and research, granting it a percentage of what is extracted from the land, or a legal partnership contract with it, or selling some of what is extracted to it at agreed prices.

3- The idea of ​​creating an industrial building on the ground

If the land owned is a reasonable distance from residential areas, then there is an idea of ​​converting it into an industrial building. In this case, there is no damage to the neighborhood, as no residents may be affected by the smoke produced or the smoke produced by the factory due to combustion of fuel, and not anyone can own a land on such sites. whoever wants to invest in buying land at an acceptable price, and builds a factory on it that meets a required need in the market.
The owner of the land can also enter into a partnership with a certain entity to work together, lease the factory, or lease the land on the basis that a factory is built upon it. Whoever wants to invest will not perform the trick through which he can go to the profit stage of the land.

4- An agricultural project on the ground

One of the positive ideas in investing land is to convert it into agricultural areas if it's soil is ready for that and if it is not ready, then reclamation is possible with the development of the materials and mechanisms necessary for that. If a person who has enough money to buy land outside the city thinks that he will invest it in an agricultural way, the matter is available to him, and he can personally supervise or lease agricultural operations to whoever is able to do so, or make a deal with a related company so that the agreement is on a specific percentage of profits after calculating the costs And subtract it from the value of selling agricultural products.

5- A profitable commercial project, if it provides the suitable location

On the issue of commercial investment of the land, there are a number of criteria that facilitate this, such as the presence of the land in an area full of movement, in which schools, restaurants, cafes and markets are available here the land owner can provide an addition to the place, such as preparing the land to be a gas station or a car wash or a dispensary or a small building for medical clinics or various offices such as engineering, law, customs clearance and others.

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